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Bradley B. Foust, Logisoft Interactive, Rochester, NY, 07-Apr-03
I am always looking back at where things started and where things are going especially as it plays to the Internet and eCommerce. Since that is my focus I design and manage a variety of eCommerce and Internet Sites that all started out in my hands. Over...

Challis Hodge, Chicago Illinois USA, 22-Feb-03

Larry, I don't think anyone on the panel would disagree with your notion that experiences cannot be designed—they can only be designed for. Certainly, if we could design them it would make the job of archiving them somewhat easier. The fact that experiences have people, time and context components make description of the experience difficult, not to mention archiving it. I think this is why the question is simultaneously important and difficult to answer.

Larry Irons, I.C. Technologies, St. Louis, MO USA, 15-Jan-03
Some of the comments in response to this question as well as the others I've read don't take an explicit position on whether experience design involves “designing experience” or “designing for experience.” The two don't seem...

LOOP June 2003 Number 7