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LOOP: AIGA Journal of Interaction Design Education
April 2001 Number 2




Karen Mahony

Harry Saddler

Terry Swack

In its second series of interviews, Loop asks three leading experience design professionals to reflect on their own career development and to assess the current state of interaction design education. The discussion touches on issues that are critical to both design programs and the businesses that depend on their graduates: What are the new roles being played by design professionals in firms focusing on new media, networked communication and interactive products? What skills are required to meet these new and evolving positions? Are established design programs meeting the challenge of providing qualified graduates to occupy key positions in the transformed design landscape?
      These three interviews complete a set of six that took place over the last nine months. We should note that these interviews precede the recent harsh realities that the design community has had to face since the crash in the high technology sector. We expect that the substance of the responses would not vary considerably if the interviews took place today; however, the changing economic climate would no doubt cast a shadow over some of these issues, including those pertaining to the hiring of interaction designers.


LOOP April 2001 Number 2